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Under the reliable watch of Dr Ashwathnarayan, Malleshwaram went through a massive transformation in several sectors. Below are the unique achievements in major sectors of the Malleshwaram constituency made possible by Dr Ashwathnarayan:
Sector  Achievement
  1. Dr Ashwathnarayan has conducted around hundred free ‘Health Camps’ and awareness drives across the constituency. 
  2. Malleswaram has the distinction of having the first of its kind Senior citizen day care center supervised by the BBMP.
  3. Malleswaram has one of the most up to date dialysis centres providing the highest quality of care to patients with chronic or severe kidney conditions as well as general patients.
  1. Smart Swachh Malleswaram initiative inline with Swachh Bharath to initiate awareness drives were carried out for source segregation of waste, elimination of blackspots and complaint management.  
  2. Smart Swachh Malleswaram ‘Student outreach’ program had been undertaken to educate the young minds on source segregation, composting. 
  3. An exclusive call center was set-up to handle complaints regarding cleanliness with  redressal being done through online applications like WhatsApp.
  4. Malleswaram has one of the most proficient blockwise door-to-door waste collection systems which is supplemented by transport to a single lorry point. 
  5. Malleswaram is one of the few constituencies to establish an efficient organic waste converter and biomethanation plant.
  6. Dr Ashwathnarayan has been successful in transforming Malleswaram into a serene and beautiful constituency by revamping the major lakes, parks and playgrounds in the constituency. Notable facilities transformed by Dr Ashwathnarayan’s initiatives include Sankey Tank, Sangoli Rayanna Park and Chandrashekhar Azad Ground.
Technology initiatives
  1. A citizen centric web-initiative called Malleswaram Sahaaya was launched in 2013 to allow citizens to report their grievances which were then remedied in a transparent and effective manner.
  2. Around 220 CCTV cameras have been installed across all the wards in Malleshwaram to monitor instances of unlawful behaviour .
  3. Malleswaram has been the first constituency to implement Geographic Information System (GIS) for Property Identification.
  4. A Comprehensive ‘Road History Tracker’ using GIS application is also in place to coordinate maintenance of roads in the constituency.  
  5. GIS application E-Cauvery was launched to judiciously track the constituency’s water supply and sanitation infrastructure in order to reduce any possible case of leakages.
  6. The dhobi ghat in Malleswaram has the reputation of being the first automatic mechanised dhobi ghat not only within Bangalore but also in Karnataka.
During Covid-19
  • As of 21 April, 2020, total of 2,70,148 food packets have been distributed with 67,081 packets distributed among residents of Rajmahal Guttahalli, 65,550 packets to  residents of Malleshwaram , 34,515 and 31,515 packets to residents of Gayathri Nagar ward and Subramanya Nagar respectively.
  • Food kits consisting of essential grocery items such as rice, edible oil among others have been distributed to 2729 people. Residents of Subramanya Nagar formed around 55% of the beneficiaries of the same. Others include residents of Rajmahal Guttahalli (453 kits) followed by Aramane Nagar residents (361 kits) and Gayathri Nagar residents (300 kits).
  • Around 5965 medical kits consisting of masks, sanitizers and other medicines have been distributed so far. Around 3050 odd kits were distributed among citizens of Gayathri Nagar, 1220 among Guttahalli residents, 980 in Subramanya Nagar ward and 300 around Kadu Malleshwara wards.
  • A total of 1,79,282 litres of milk has been provided to people of the constituency to meet their daily food requirements. So far, about 44,752 litres of milk have been distributed among residents of Malleswaram, 40,248 among citizens of Rajmahal Guttahalli, followed by Mathikere (31,330 litres) and Subramanya Nagar (22,523 litres) accordingly.
  • Around 1000 masks have been distributed in Kadu Malleshwara ward alone, produced by the 6 centers present there. As per health experts, one of the most important requirements in tackling the pandemic and arresting the rate of infection is the utilization of masks.
  • To optimise the distribution of ration kits in the Malleshwaram assembly constituency using technology through an app named “MLA Cares”. The application streamlined data collection, distribution mechanism and transparency for the relief efforts across the constituency. As per the latest figures available, around 12,000 ration kits were distributed to those in need.

Malleshwaram constituency has set a good example in implementing Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Within a year of launching our own ‘Smart Swachh Malleshwaram’ initiative the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) declared our constituency as ‘Black Spot Free’. Our campaign combines dedicated volunteering efforts with technology based app to help people register complaints for immediate action. To provide an end to end solution for solid waste management, we have adopted a multi-pronged approach by setting up Dry Waste collection centres in all our wards, an Organic Waste Compost to handle wet waste and a bio- gas plant that provides electricity to over 50 street lights.

Honourable PM Narendra Modiji sent us a letter of appreciation complimenting us & extending his best wishes to the citizens of Malleshwaram.

A series of events were organized across the constituency to celebrate the three years of Modi government. The aim of this Fest was to popularize various welfare schemes like Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, MUDRA Loan, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana, Startup India etc. initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Experts & officials from concerned departments spoke to people about the benefits of various schemes.

Every year on Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji’s birthday we showcase ‘Good Governance’ practices followed in Malleshwaram. To promote Good Governance, the following initiatives have been set up:

  • “Malleshwaram Eye” – A CCTV initiative to track and monitor activities across Malleshwaram.
  • Updates on GIS Applications – Property ID (PID), Road History (RID), MalleshwaramSahaaya, E-Cauvery.
  • Launch of new Portal to provide information and services for citizens of Malleshwaram.
  • Integrated mobile based Ashwath Malleshwaram & MalleshwaramSahaaya app exclusively for the citizens of Malleshwaram.

BJP Members, students and volunteers actively participated in assisting the citizens of Malleshwaram to download the Narendra Modi app. Over 15000 downloads have been done till date. Citizens were briefed on the various features and benefits of the app like “Know Your PM”, the Central Govt Schemes, “Connect to PM”, “Infographics” and “Mann Ki Baat”.

An aggressive drive to identify citizens who don’t have bank accounts and assist them in opening the same under Jan Dhan Yojana was conducted. Over 3000+ Accounts were opened in a day with assistance from Ward Corporators, Malleshwaram BJP volunteers and officials from various banks.

Commemorating the birth of Swami Vivekananda, every year on National Youth Day, the Dr. C. N. Ashwathnarayan Foundation organizes Youth Edge – a platform for youth to gain exposure on critical issues from leaders and industry experts in the State. The Youth Edge initiative inspires the youth to Reflect, Transform and Create.

The year 2016 saw change makers debate and share ideas on ‘Rebuilding Tomorrow’. Thought leaders like Ravi Gururaj, NASSCOM Chairman, Madan Padaki, Co-founder, Head Held High Services and Ian Faria, Founder of Talk Temple addressed over 2000 students.

The second edition of the Youth Edge 2017 focused on The Future of Jobs in India.

Keeping in line with the theme, the experts & industry leaders touched upon critical issues like new technologies in contemporary workplaces and shared ideas and discussed on how to embrace Remonetisation – The New Cultural Economic Revolution.

Since the launch of Good & Simple Tax (GST), India’s biggest tax reform since Independence a series of outreach programmes have been conducted in the constituency to raise awareness about GST among various stakeholders including traders, retailers, hoteliers etc.

International Yoga Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm since its inception in June 2015. Hundreds of people from all walks of life actively participate in the Yoga Day celebrations across various locations in Malleshwaram.

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