Malleshwaram Sports Foundation was officially launched on 19th Oct 2012 by a group of like minded sports loving professionals under the guidance and leadership of Dr. C.N. Ashwathnarayan, Honorable MLA of Malleshwaram constituency.
Malleshwaram Sports Foundation is a first of its kind social enterprise in Malleshwaram with broad goal to promote fitness and sports. Malleshwaram Sports Foundation is a socially concerned sports organization wanting to make a difference from the grass root levels.

Malleshwaram Sports Foundation vision is to
• Recognize and honor athletes who brought laurels to our Community, State and Country
• Include people from diverse backgrounds regardless of caste/creed/ color in all Community Sports activities
• Reinforce healthy lifestyle by adopting sports
• Foster Participation in all community sport activities
• Use sports to build healthy communities
• Identify and Recognize sportsmen and prepare them for better heights
• Influence Government in sports related policy matters and ensure that there are no ‘disadvantaged’ people owing to lack of information, right training, infrastructure, nutrition, etc..