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We partner with organisations and community leaders with technical expertise to ensure that the reach and impact of our evolving initiatives is maximized.

We are a non-profit organization with an aspiration to touch lives and empower individuals, society and culture. Guided by an immensely enthusiastic and visionary Founder Dr. C N Ashwathnarayan, we are catalysts of positive change and engage in a diverse set of meaningful initiatives.

Our activities are formulated to complement the vision of our Founder in his capacity as a revolutionary political leader.
The Dr. C N Ashwathnarayan Foundation, established in the year 2011, has been striving to make a difference in the areas of Youth Empowerment, Health, Education, Arts and Culture and Sports.

The Dr. C N Ashwathnarayan Foundation was a seed of thought to provide a holistic approach to address some of the development challenges in our country. With our focus on different facets like Youth Empowerment, Education, Health, Arts and Culture and Sports, we envision creating a sustainable change and a socially conducive developmental ecosystem in communities we are part of.