Waste Management – Malleshwaram Market, Sampige Road

Malleshwaram today is way ahead of the other constituencies when it comes to waste management, and has become a model for many other constituencies, The entire 7 wards of Malleshwaram are covered for waste management through a waste management plant built with a budget of 40L is and capable of producing upto 1000 KG (1 ton) of manure.

It is Dr. Ashwath Narayan’s belief that one should maintain cleanliness in public places, the same way one maintains in their homes.

My Clean Malleshwaram initiative has been initiated to approach the problem in a collective & participatory manner whereby every one contributes and educates each other on the following practices:

Zero Tolerance to Garbage:
The aim is to achieve zero garbage within the constituency. Every resident is requested to segregate waste at the source to enable rapid and easy disposition of Garbage.


Waste Management solutions:
Dr. Ashwath Narayan encourages and support residential building, civic societies, commercial entities and concerned citizens to take up utilize modern practices in their premises to enable better waste management. Residents taking up such practices are supported with training, starter kits and access to information. My Clean Malleshwaram step in as a nodal agency to ensure a smooth implementation.

Environment & Ecology:

It is also our duty to protect nature and use techniques like wet waste composting, biogas plants, vermicomposting, plastic waste disposal, bio waste disposal etc to enable a sustainable ecology and a healthy environment.

Rainwater harvesting:

Rain water harvest with capacity of 1L litre implemented in Pit grounds, citizens are requested to follow this model and enable rain water harvesting in their locality.

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