Dear Sir, Many congratulations to you, Even the Chief Minister has recognised and acknowledged your good works and progress of the malleswaram constituency.. he mentioned that he has come several time to Malleswaram constituency more than 3 to 4 times as been asked by his other colleagues why only Malleswaram then he replied that becacuse there is so much progress shown and he has personally visited these places to acknowledge the good work done by Dr.Ashwath Narayan our Hobl MLA.

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– Nandibatlu Mallikarjuna

Really a very good initiative. This would help next generation to remember such great freedom fighters.

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-Raghu Bannur

Dear Sir its your initiative that Malleswaram is really developed a lot. Let it be garbage free or good play ground or sophesticated gym and lot of developments…. its your vision and your youthful thinking. You have an excellent team. Keep up the good sir and for sure our support is always there.

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-Nandibatlu Mallikarjuna

I am inspired by Dr.Aswath sir talk on tuesday in a school event, this is the first time I have heard his talk great, hats off to u sir, i have become a fan of u now…..

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-Deepa Raj

Though I am resident of Sandur, Bellary ( Dist ), I am very much inspired by the developments in Malleshwaram, I request MLA of MVM Sr. Ahwath Narayan is that please renovate the bus-stops near DATTAREYA TEMPLE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE GUTTAHALLI MAIN ROAD.

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-Parashuram Jadhav

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