Malleshwaram Sports Foundation

Malleshwaram Sports Foundation

Malleswaram Sports Foundation ( was officially launched on 19th Oct 2012 by a group of like minded sports loving professionals under the guidance and leadership of Dr. C.N. Ashwathnarayan, Honorable MLA of Malleswaram constituency. MSF is a first of its kind social enterprise in Malleswaram with broad goal to promote fitness and sports. MSF is a socially concerned sports organization wanting to make a difference from the grass root levels.

Namma10K ( event would be held in October 2013, organized by Malleswaram Sports Foundation (MSF), a not-for-profit registered professional organization. Given its lofty goals and proposed social impacts, the event is supported by Government of Karnataka, Karnataka Athletics Association, Karnataka State Police, BBMP and Dept. of Youth Services and Sports. MSF now holds the mandate to conduct Namma10K run for the next 5 years.

MSF was founded with below thoughts and ideology.

  • Inclusive Sports is one of the time tested approaches to healthy community living and a Vibrant community.
  • Collective, dedicated and most importantly not-for-profit efforts are required to initially raise awareness of physical fitness and then participation in sports.
  • MSF will reinforce healthy lifestyles and a sense of community belonging.
  • We will leverage upon the infrastructure already laid out for the Malleshwaram Constituency (public private partnerships of professionally run gymnasiums, where over 3000 members benefit daily, several well maintained playgrounds / parks / walk trails benefiting several thousands of people.).
  • MSF will create awareness about the already existing several sports and fitness initiatives(Eg. Yoga at MLA school, Pranayama at Sankey Park, BBMP Swimming Pool, BBMP Gyms, etc.)


The mission of MSF is as follows:

  • Recognize and honor athletes who brought laurels to our Community, State and Country.
  • Include people from diverse backgrounds regardless of caste/creed/color in all Community Sports activities.
  • Reinforce healthy lifestyle by adopting sports.
  • Foster Participation in all community sport activities.
  • Use sports to build healthy communities.
  • Identify and Recognize sportsmen and prepare them for better heights.

Influence Government in sports related policy matters and ensure that there are no ‘disadvantaged’ people owing to lack of information, right training, infrastructure, nutrition, etc.

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