Indoor Basketball Stadium – Beagles


The basketball ground in Malleshwaram 15th cross is renovated with much more facilities and is now an indoor stadium. This is renovated with the support of BBMP. Proper adequate planning and measures are taken care during the renovation in terms of rain water harvesting. Mallewsharam always had good basketball players in olden days. With the trend of players fading out, the new basketball ground should encourage and inspire to retain the old trend of good players from malleshwaram.

The facilities at the stadium now include

  • One of the best indoor basketball stadiums currently in Bangalore.
  • Gym facilities are available in Basement.
  • Kalzip roofing for the stadium.
  • 50 mt running track.
  • Wooden floor for the court.
  • Natural lighting is assured.
  • Free entry for all the interested people.
  • Free coaching and training available by the professional trainers / coaches.

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