Green Eco

1. Sankey Park Renovation
Renovated Park with more facilities Sankey Park , a manmade lake or tank, is situated in the northern..Read more

2. Waste Management – Malleshwaram Market, Sampige Road
Malleshwaram today is way ahead of the other constituencies when it comes to waste management, and has become a model for many other constituencies, The entire 7 wards of Malleshwaram are…Read more

3. Harishchandra Ghat crematorium – Renovation
Peaceful Farewell to the Deceased Transformation of Harishchandra Ghat from an unhygienic place to a organized hygiene place has…Read more

4. Proposed Cow Dung based Bio Gas Plant
Alternative Energy initiative for sustainable development. Alternative energy for sustainable…Read more

5. Hasiru santhe
The Green Fair “Hasiru Santhe”, a green concept launched to sensitize people about “Green Consciousness”. To…Read more

6. Rain Water Harvesting
Holistic Solution To Conserve Water In view of water scarcity in the state, Dr. Ashwath Narayan has instituted Rain Water Harvesting units in all the Parks and Playgrounds including…Read more

7. My Clean Malleswaram
While the whole of Bengaluru was debating and contemplating on the segregation of waste at the source and resulting garbage crisis, Malleswaram was already ahead of the…Read more

8. My Malleswaram
Idea behind the “My Malleswaram” is to create a self aware and responsible community driven by the people of Malleshwaram. This initiative tries to empower people for common growth and…Read more

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Health Care

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