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Category General
Population 194068
Male 98474
Female 95594
Wards in the      constituency Aramane Nagara Mattikere Malleswaram Rajamahal      Guttahalli Kadu Malleshwar Ward Subramanya Nagar      Gayithri Nagar


Malleshwaram or Malleshwara, located in the north-west of Bangalore, derives its name from the famous Kaadu Malleshwaram temple. Originally a village named Mallapura, Malleshwaram was developed as a suburb during the great plague of 1898, which caused many people to move out from the city center. Sri Venkatranga Iyengar is credited with the founding of Malleshwaram. He loved riding and one day visited and liked the Malleswara temple. He envisioned a locality of noblemen who would lead a rich and cultured life around the temple. He made his vision a reality as he was connected to the Bangalore Municipality. Malleshwaram, together with Basavanagudi, represents one of the oldest residential localities of Bangalore, and was planned by the then Dewan of Mysore Kingdom, Sir K. Seshadri Iyer.

Malleshwaram is one of the areas in Bangalore where you can find many Hindu Temples. Also, Malleshwaram is a hotspot of educational activities with many schools and colleges spread all across the area. Malleshwaram is also includes one of the oldest localities, Palace Guttahalli. Malleswaram is one of the older localities in Bangalore with good social infrastructure.


Due to a large presence of temples, many of which were well established for more than 400 years, Malleshwaram is home to a large orthodox Hindu population. The neighborhood of Malleshwaram hosts traditional people, spiritual people, ordinary people, and extraordinary people. Nobel laureates (C.V. Raman), and world champions (Prakash Padukone) and his daughter the film actress Deepika Padukone, the former national billiards/snooker champion “Tornado Fats”-Arvind Savur, the former cricket organizer of KSCA & Selector M.Chinnaswamy live or lived here, so did many writers, scholars, musicians (Doraiswamy Iyengar), and educationists (M.P.L.Shastry).

The ward is characterised by mixed demographics, sustaining a substantial middle class, upper middle class and elite residential areas. The flowering trees on either sides of the streets hide all the pollution, and the popular street-side eateries obscure some of the finest south Indian restaurants in the city.

Malleshwaram can be called one of the prominent cultural hubs in Bangalore. There are many prominent dancers, musicians and gurus here. In every street you can find serious art/dance/music students. You can find many Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi and folk dance schools here. Classical Carnatic, Hindustani and light music schools are also aplenty.


Malleswaram has old Hindu Temples constructed using the Dravidian architecture, which were built during King Venkojirao Bhonsle of Thanjavur’s time (17th century C. E.) like the Kadu Malleshwara temple, which is well attended during the holy day of Shivaratri. At the Nandi Teertha temple, one can see waterfall onto an idol of Shiva through the mouth of Nandi. The Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is also very famous. The Venugopal Temple is over more than 100 years old. The Sri Krishna temple, opposite railway station, is over 72 years old. The Circle Maramma Temple at 18th cross is very famous. New vehicles queue up for pooja every Friday. Kanchi Mutt, Kashi Mutt, Chitrapur Mutt and Palimar Mutt are also located in Malleswaram. Malleswaram also has monasteries and trees, which are more than 80 years old. Kannika Parameshwari Temple on 8th cross was built by the Arya Vysya community in Malleswaram. Mahaganapathi Temple located opposite to Malleswaram Post Office is one of the old Ganapathi Temples in Bangalore.

The replica temple of Lord Venkateshwara, Tirupati is right here in Bangalore at Vyalikaval, Malleshwaram, Bangalore. The new temple will have the same pujas as being conducted at the Main Shrine at Tirumala. The devotees in Bangalore and Karnataka, can now visit the Temple and conduct the same poojas, sevas and seek blessings of the Lord, here in Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

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