Harishchandra Ghat crematorium – Renovation


Transformation of Harishchandra Ghat from an unhygienic place to a organized hygiene place has given a big relief for the residents. Renovation of Harishchandra Ghat crematorium has helped people to perform the last rites of their near & dear ones in an organized manner. The New crematorium has electric oven in place for the final rituals. The neighborhood residents and citizens now have a cleaner air to breathe in as the new crematorium has banished the Stench and the smoke arising out of Harishchandra Ghat.

Apart from the renovation of Harishchandra Ghat, A Vaidhika Sabha facility has been built to enable last rites and yearly rituals for the deceased.

Vaidhika Sabha
The Vaidhika Sabha now facilitates the Conduct of Hindu Brahmin rituals in an organized and self contained environment. These facilities have provided the citizens with more convenience and have also prevented many health & hygine hazards, moreover No pollution occurs in Sankey Tank, which was used earlier as a ritual point. With a ban in Sankey tank to perform such rituals, renovated Harishchandra ghat is enabled with a water pool to perform all the rituals. This has helped people to avoid travel places like Sangam (Shri Ranga patna) to perform such rituals.


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