Dr. Ashwath Narayan C N


Tomorrow belongs to the people who plan for it today And Dr. C N Ashwathnarayan seems to have realized this early in his life. A politician is what he wanted to become every step he took as a youngster was towards this very direction.


From organizing cultural events in his locality as a young boy hosting fests in college as a student rallying for stipend for medical interns as a young doctor to the starting of an institution dedicated to imparting quality training in nursing and Ayurvedic medicine, the man has always been on a mission to make a difference and serve the society at large. Ask anyone in Magadi where he was born or Shimoga, which was home to him during his formative years and even at Kasturba Medical College, where he passed out from and they will all tell you how he has always been a “people’s person”, “born leader” and a “visionary”.  Hence entering the political fray through the Malleshwaram constituency on a BJP ticket in 2004 seemed like a natural step forward. While he was unsuccessful in his first attempt, he won by a huge margin in the 2008 state legislature election and since then there has been no looking back for him.

Dr. Ashwathnarayan’s pro-people health, education, and economic initiatives have kept him on the top of the game. Specialty health care centers for senior citizens, top class solid waste management system, open gyms, hi-tech sports grounds, modernized Dhobi Ghat, free education scholarships, public-private partnerships to up the standard of education in government schools, effective water and crime management systems and an online citizen portal to effectively address matters of concern. Dr. C N Ashwathnarayan’s list of accomplishments as an MLA is filled with many such pro-people initiatives. And these contributions have earned him a respectable position in the lives of people, cutting across age, class and religious barriers. His dedication, focus, determination, farsightedness, and fairness have won him fans in just not the younger generation but also leaders cutting across party affiliations.


Dr. C N Ashwathnarayan is a self-confessed movie buff, but his own tale of determination, conviction, and statesmanship is content enough for a motivational movie. From being a student in Malleshwaram’s schools to become the MLA of the same area, his journey is indeed very inspirational. And it is his family and friends who have been his pillars of strength throughout this endeavor. Dr. C N Ashwathnarayan hails from a very close-knit family. He is the youngest son of Mr. T.K. Narayanappa, a physical education teacher, and late Smt. V.L. Padmashree, a homemaker. His family also compromises three elder brothers and Shruti, his wife, who heads Padmashree Diagnostics Centre, Amogha and Akanksha are his children.

Be it as a family man, young doctor and now as a people’s representative, Dr. Ashwathnarayan’s focus to serve others and rid the society of its ailments has remained undeterred. His continued efforts at forming a healthy society only prove that this ‘community’ doctor is true ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people…. ‘


 Time line 


Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka

Minister of Higher Education, Information Technology & Biotechnology and Science & Technology, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood. in the Government of Karnataka.

Elected third time as MLA

Contested from Malleshwaram constituency won the election to the Karnataka state legislative assembly with the margin of 54000 votes. (view results)

BJP Manifesto Convener

State convener for manifesto coordination.

Youth Edge 2016

Youth leadership and encouragement

Municipal corporation elections

Bangalore North constituency

Elected second time As MLA

Contested from Malleshwaram constituency won the election to the state legislature with 57609 votes against MLA, M.R. Seetharam.

Scholarships to 5000 poor students

Dr. C. N. Ashwathnarayan Foundation

Malleshwaram Sports Foundation

Malleswaram Sports Foundation was officially launched on 19th Oct 2012 by a group of like minded sports loving professionals under the guidance and leadership of Dr. C.N. Ashwathnarayan

Huge victory in General Elections

Candidates won in 6 of 7 wards in 2010 Municipal corporation elections.

Vice President Of BJP

He was elevated to the level of Vice President of BJP, Bangalore District.

Elected MLA

Contested from Malleshwaram constituency won the election to the state legislature with a huge margin against two times MLA, M.R. Seetharam.

Joined BJP

Entered in mainstream politics and contested from Malleshwaram constituency.




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